Social Media Success Summit 2011

Social Media Success Summit 2011: The Web’s Largest Online Social Media Conference
Proof That Social Media Means Business

Watch the above video from Michael Stelzner

You’re familiar with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. But do you know the impact social media is having on businesses?

Just consider these interesting factoids:

  • Social media use on the rise: More than 73% of businesses plan on increasing their use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogs in 2011, according to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

  • Mass consumer adoption of social media: There are more than 500 million active Facebook users, 75% of all Americans use a social network and nearly 25% of all online time is spent on social networks (Nielson). Your customers are there. These are numbers you just cannot ignore.

  • Social media drives search engine optimization: The top three benefits of social media marketing are (1) generating more exposure for the business, (2) increasing traffic to websites and (3) improving search engine rankings, according to 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

  • Small businesses are dominant players: Small businesses are exploiting social media for lead generation and improving customer experience. For example, 45% of small businesses plan to increase spending on online video in 2011, up from 28% in 2010 (Small Business Marketing Forecast 2011).
Is the Social Media Success Summit 2011 a Fit for You?

  • The Small Business Owner: You’re just getting underway with social media—likely a consultant, coach, local business owner, writer, agent, blogger, artist or general “gun for hire”—and see the potential of social media, but want to speed your path to success with the least effort and the greatest return.

  • The Corporate Marketer: You work for a corporation and have been tasked to manage the company’s social media initiative. You likely face internal battles to convey how social media could help the company, but you know there’s real potential.

  • The Experienced Social Media User: You’ve been using social media for a while, but want better results. You’re ready to take your business to a whole new level by measuring your return on investment, following the proven tactics of the pros and leveraging the latest techniques. Better response. Less work. More profitability.