A Curse On The “Bollocks Bloggers”

A Curse On The “Bollocks Bloggers” And Social Media Snake Oil Salesmen
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Thursday Thought: A Curse On The “Bollocks Bloggers” And Social Media Snake Oil Salesmen

snake oil salesman Thursday Thought: A Curse On The “Bollocks Bloggers” And Social Media Snake Oil SalesmenI’ve been around on the blogging scene for a little under two years.  I’ve learnt a lot and I have a long way to go. Like most bloggers I use Twitter and follow a reasonable amount of people and there is something I have identified that is really beginning to hack me off and hack me off big time.
Can you remember when you first started you found the A Listers, the people at the top of the tree who had made it and everyone knew they were making trillions in their local currency by blogging. Wow, were we impressed.

Oh and we were in awe of the fact that they were prepared to dispense their largess and knowledge to us hungry pundits lower down the food chain – okay for a few zillion local currency units, but hey I don’t have a problem with people charging for knowledge. If someone is prepared to put the time in to create a package for sale then fine, no sweat.

But what seems to be happening is that over the years people have paid for these courses and then started their own charging system and knowledge spreading packages and you cannot seem to go anywhere on Twitter and Facebook without tripping over this diluted,watered down knowledge as it drips down

You see people retweeting stuff like “The Secret Ingredient That Makes Your Blog Soar” or “Squeeze the Most from Your Articles With These 3 Writing Tips” and when you click on the link to attain enlightenment it’s just, how can I put this nicely, utter bollocks. Someone has trawled the blogging crumbs of the A Listers and culled some gems through cut and paste and started re-packaging it as their material. And then someone else borrows bits of this and so on …

There are bloggers out there that are establishing and keeping reputations as “experts” purely by regurgitating and rehashing stuff that has (a) been around since Moses came down from the mountain clutching tablets of stone and (b) is basic common sense.

If you are starting out blogging for yourself or your company for my money the things that count are passion and bloody hard work and if you feel the need to pay for that gem of wisdom email me and I’ll forward my PayPal details. As for the people that are pushing this recycled stuff out you are little more than snake oil salesmen and should be tarred and feathered with a sign saying “parasite” hung around your necks.

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